Installation and Removal of Statistics101


Statistics101 is provided via an installation file called installStatistics101.jar. To run the installer and for that matter, to run Statistics101, you must have Java 1.4 or later already installed on your computer. If you don't have Java on your machine, you can download the "JRE" (the Java Runtime Environment) for Windows, UNIX, and Linux from The Apple Macintosh comes already loaded with Java. Apple Java updates are available from Apple at or Follow the installation instructions from the site providing your Java download.

After you've installed Java, all you need to do to install Statistics101 is:

  1. Save the file, installStatistics101.jar to some convenient folder on your computer, perhaps the Desktop.

  2. Double-click the installStatistics101.jar file to run it. This will lead you through the installation of Statistics101.

  3. If you want, create a shortcut on your desktop to the installed file Statistics101.jar. On platforms other than Windows, the installer does not create a shortcut for you.

  4. To run Statistics101, just double-click the shortcut from step 3, or the installed file Statistics101.jar.


To remove Statistics101 from your computer, go to the directory where you installed the program. Open the "Uninstaller" directory. Double-click the file uninstaller.jar. This will remove the program and any shortcuts it may have installed. You can then remove the installation directory if you wish. Statistics101 does not make any entries in Windows' registry.

To remove Statistics101 manually, you can just delete the directory you installed it in and any shortcuts that point to it. Before you delete the directory, make sure that you don't have any of your own files there that you want to save.