UNIFORM sizeNumber lowerLimitNumber upperLimitNumber resultVariable

Replaces the contents of the result variable with "size" values randomly chosen from the uniform distribution with the given lower and upper limits.

The range of values returned includes the lower limit but excludes the upper limit.

The lower and upper limits may be variables. If they are vectors containing more than one element, only the first element of each is used.

UNIFORM 10 5 15 A

The above program produces the following output:

A: (10.06944126229445 13.153388763785022
   13.412044837645908 6.373205621491782
   10.774924695633121 9.773810296966786
   5.3851063152842995 5.424418446231155
   13.817890474056822 5.6746999917673335)